Home Based Business: 25 Questions You Must Ask Before You Start One

Just about everyone would like to work from home. But blinded by their desire to run a profitable business from home, most people make hasty and wrong decisions. Some people commit themselves to contracts without asking the right questions. This article is intended as a ready guide to prevent you from making a wrong decision.


1. I will start with the most primary question: Are there any products to sell?

Usually, most people don’t like to sell. And although many home business programs claim not to involve selling, they could entail peddling products to their friends and relatives, failing in the business and ruining their relationships with their near dear ones. The typical products involved are phone cards, vitamins, conference tickets, potions, downloadable e-books, pills, water filters, vacations, seeds, diet cookies, weeds, “magic juice”, software packages, etc.


Usually this selling involves building a sales force to work under you, and you are given less than 10% of the earnings for your effort. And when the % is high, the buyers are left feeling ripped off.


Let’s see the other 24 questions you need to ask yourself.


2. Is it like a pyramid scheme or a chain or other get-rich-quick scheme?

3. Is the program legal?

4. How exactly does the program work?

5. Is the program suited for part-time people to generate cash quick (if you plan to work part time)?

6. Do you have to wait to make substantial money? Can you afford to wait?

7. Do you have to become an Internet expert?

8. Are there any manuals to pore over?

9. Are there any books you have to study?

10. Are there any monthly quotas? Have you ever worked to sales targets?

11. Do you have to pay any training fees?

12. Are there any hidden fees to be paid? Can you afford them?

13. Do you have any meetings to attend? Do you have the time for them?

14. Do you have to do any tedious explaining? Are you cut out for it?

15. Do you have to convince people? Do you think you can?

16. Do you have to call friends and family members? Are you sure this won’t hurt your relationships with them?

17. How fast can you begin receiving cash? Or are you dealing in credit?

18. Can the program work for you in your country?

19. Will you receive any websites? If yes, how many?

20. If you don’t know anything about advertising or marketing, can you still succeed with this program?

21. What is the company’s name?

22. Do you have to pay any taxes on the money earned? Are the profits adequate to pay these taxes?

23. How many hours do you have to devote every week? Do you have the time?

24. Will you receive any support from anyone?

25. And the final most important question of all is: Is it an economy proof activity? That is, will it work in boom times and in recessions?


Hopefully this will give you food for thought about making the right decisions.


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